Sony NEX-VG10 Digital Camera


In May 2010, Sony made its debut on the market with a direct visual system when it launched the first two models in the NEX in life - the Sony NEX and NEX-3-5. Both cameras are based on the combination of an APS-C 14.2-megapixel Sony Exmor CMOS image sensor and a BIONZ image processor, and both accept interchangeable lenses courtesy of the new Sony E- mount. NEX cameras not only offers photographic skills, but also the possibility of high-definition movies for inclusion in the resolution of 720p or 1080i-3 NEX NEX-5. The new mount had the opportunity to rethink a simultaneous ground to the design of lenses and brings several clear advantages for video than competing products. NEX cameras both offer continuous autofocus, useful when its record of openness, and is continuously variable to avoid a sudden change in brightness for the opening. Some design decisions made in the two cameras - and especially their extremely compact body style - said their attention to taking still pictures, but with the video function is only useful in a sequence in which property or a short dedicated camera is not available.

Aware of this, Sony has announced to break the introduction of NEX cameras, was the development of an interchangeable lens camera. The project was to share the same mount and Sony cameras NEX, so that the lens divided between the two product lines. Only a few months after the 25th anniversary of the famous line of Sony Handycam is the Sony Cyber-VG10 that promise much, borrowing much of Sony NEX-5 turned on, but put it in a body design that is much better suited for recording video, and a variety of changes in hardware and firmware to combine the NEX-VG10 a really interesting product for video recording.

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